About the Owner
Meet Valeri Emmons    aka  Ladi Em
     Valeri is the owner of Ladi Em's Cauldron. She started the Cauldron primarily because she wanted her small group of friends to have a safe place to meet and discuss magick in a public place. She dreamt of a spiritual center where coexistence is real and all paths can come together and share their magick. And the Cauldron was created. Starting the site online in May 2012 and spending two months adding items and finding suppliers that other local stores used, she created a store that sold the same items offered everywhere else for a low price. Ladi Em's Cauldron online opened officially on August 8th 2012 under a different name.
     In December 2012 the Cauldron opened in Spring Texas. Since then we have held marriages, fairs, classes, many rituals and meet ups. We also hold the annual Witchstock every April. In August on our 1 Year anniversary the name was changed as a spiritual cleansing. Ladi Em's Cauldron was born.

    Valeri has been a practicing Witch since she was a child, but has been studying magick and practicing many different paths since 1996. ​​She has practiced paths from Hoodoo and Voodoo, Egyptian, Sumerian, Wiccan, Otherkin, Druid and all things spiritual. Valeri considers herself an Intuitive Practitioner not claiming any specific path, since she practices bits and pieces of them all. 
     ​She has been out of the Broom Closet since 2002. ​She is married and a mother of three. Spent many years working in law and then decided to take time off for her children. Thereafter she didn't want to go back to that business instead looking for where her path truly was. It was Magick. Besides Ladi Em's Cauldron, Valeri does cake decorating for fun and is a Notary. She also devotes her time to her favorite charities and from 2012 to 2013 she devoted her time to ZOMBIE WALK SPRING TEXAS where she is the C F O and held the name Queen Zombie as a public figure. Currently she is a co-founder of Family Regale in Spring Texas which is a community group that holds events to raise money for charities, including the Wounded Warriors Project.

                              She is empathic, psychic, and works with many divinations, from tarot reading,
                               ​scrying and mirror magick. She is a High Priestess and an ordained minister.
                            ​ Valeri obtained her certification as a Dr. of Metaphysics and is certified as a
                            ​  Spiritual Healer. She is an instructor at Ladi Em's Cauldron and teaches many                                       classes ​not offered anywhere else such as  "Empaths" , "Practicing in the Broom
                            ​ Closet", ​and "Witch on the Go".  She also teaches Wicca basics, Divination 101, Dream Interpretation, and more. ​​Valeri is licensed to perform legal marriages, and can also perform handfastings, unions, bereavements, rites, dedications, and any other ceremony. She will serve as minister, or High Priestess in any service you require and can also write the ceremony for you.

You can email Ladi Em personally  at  ladiemcauldron@yahoo.com