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What you do... Reflects on Only You
Metal Triquetra Altar Tile 3"
Shaped in the form of a triquetra, this silver plated altar tile can also make a wonderful coaster for your incense burners and cups.

ITEM... RAT3                           PRICE: $​ 9.00
Soapstone Pentagram Altar Tile
Representative of the four elements ruled by the divine, this pentagram altar tile has been lovingly carved of soapstone.

ITEM ... RAT49                   PRICE: $ 3.50
Wooden Tree of Life Altar Tile
Engraved with the Tree of Life and framed in Celtic knots, this symbolic altar tile represents the union of heaven and earth.

ITEM... RAT558                   PRICE: ​$24.50
Triquetra open cut altar tile 3"
Created out of silver-plated brass, this open-cut Triquetra altar tile is an elegant piece, certain to endure as you use its mystical imagery upon your altar.

ITEM... RA46CS               PRICE: $ ​​9.50
Soapstone Triquetra Altar Tile
A lovely altar tile, carved of soapstone, this triquetra is a wonderful symbol of mind, body and spirt and the Triple Goddess.
RAT48                                       PRICE $3.50
Soapstone Triple Moon Altar Tile
Carved of soapstone, this altar tile depicts the triple moon symbol of the goddess.
ITEM... RAT47                     PRICE: $3.50