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                       Besoms and Bells

range 45"-54"​

FBROU  $51.00​​
Altar Besom Broom
21" in length FBALT        $18.00
TEEN 40"-46"  ​FBTEE  ​​​  $35.00
CHILD 32"-39" FBCCHI  $20.00​
Cinnamon Broom
MINI 6" FBC6       $6.00
​​SM ​12" FBC12     $9.00​​
MEDIUM   24"  FBC24     $13.00
LARGE  36"     FBC36     $15.00​​​​​
Large Wiccan Altar Bell
Made of brass, these Wiccan Altar bells are a lovely addition to your altar and ritual crafts, used to clear negative energies or to invoke the Goddess.

FBWIC    $9.00​
Clear Toned Small Bells
Coming in various styles, these small bells ring with a high, clear tone.

FBCLE    $1.00​
Bronze Tibetan Hand Bell and Puja Stick
The ringing of this traditional bell brings harmony to everything around it, helping to balance both positive and negative energies.

FBT41  $35.00​
Celestial Bells
Offering a delicate, musical chime, these small bells have been artistically lacquered with the image of stars and moons to leave you fully in the embrace of the celestial realms.
FB7517    $2.25
ALTAR BELL   $8.00
Moon Altar Bell
Representing the goddess with the triple moon symbol, this altar bell is a powerful and lovely tool for your altar space and ceremonies.

FB106C   $16.00​




Pentagram Hand Bell
This delightful bell, crafted of brass, mingles decorative purposes with functional magnificently.
FB104P  $8.50

Wiccan Altar Bell
A woderfully simple and powerful tool this bell has a brass bell measuring 2 1/4" across at it's base and stands 6" tall from the base of the bell to the brass cap at the end of the beautifully polished wooden handle.
FB107   $8.50