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Crystal Balls and Stands

Crystal Balls
Perhaps one of the most famous tools of Divination, the crystal ball is a powerful aid in scrying the answers that you seek. Here you'll find any that you might seek, from large and smooth to small and faceted, from crystal clear to vibrantly colored. Acquire your crystal ball today and your divination will never be the same.
50mm  and 80mm Crystal Balls
Blue Crystal Ball         Black Crystal Ball             Red Crystal Ball            Green Crystal Ball        Alexandrite Crystal
FC50BU $​ 25.00           FC50BK $22.00          FC50RD  $28.00        FC50GR  $25.00       FC50AL  $25.00
FC​80BU $35.00           FC80BK  $38.00          80MM N/A                  80 MM N/A              FC80AL  $35.00
3" White Selenite Crystal Ball
Polished into a sphere from the naturally beautiful selenite, this Selenite Crystal ball makes for both a beautiful decoration and a marvelous tool for divination and magic.
FCSEL3        $20.00
3" Orange Selenite Crystal Ball
A beautiful sphere of highly polished orange Selenite. Measures 3"
FCOSEL3      $20.00
Aurora Crystal Ball 50mm
A classic tool for divination, this crystal ball includes a rainbow, or aurora of colors coalescing through its surface, making it quite useful in contemplation of the chakras and other such meditation.
FC50AU      $25.00
Dragon crystal ball stand
Both simple and elegant, this crystal ball stand can hold 100mm and larger crystal balls, with its wide base and three legs stylized in the image of dragons.
 FCH270    $18.00
3-Legged Wooden Cobra Stand
LARGE [IBS8]  $ 8.00
X-LARGE [IBS10]  $10.00​
Wood Cobra Crystal Ball Stand 6"
Carved of one piece of wood
5 legs   [FCWC7] $20.00