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Crystal Jewlery

Faceted Clear Quartz Spiral Pendant
A beautiful piece for any collection, this pendant consists of a faceted piece of quartz crystal, captured within a silvery metal spiral.
JFSCQ     $18.75
Spiral Pendants
Silver toned metal wrapping the stone of your choice.   
Faceted Rose Quartz Spiral Pendant
Each of these pendants is a beautiful piece featuring six faceted sides, featuring the beauty and natural pink coloring of rose quartz, it is not only a fine piece of jewelry but emotionally healing.
JFSRQ   $18.75
Malachite Double Terminated pendant
Consisting of a malachite, double terminated point set within silver-toned metal, this pendant is absolutely beautiful, with the green tones of the stone shown off perfectly against the sheen of the metal.
JGDMAL  $15.75
Faceted Amethyst Spiral Pendant
A beautiful piece of jewelry and an impromptu pendulum in a pinch, this delightful pendant features a amethyst point, with six faceted sides encased in a silvery spiral.
JFSAM  $18.75
Amethyst Double Terminated pendant
This pendant is formed of a double-terminated amethyst point set within a silver-toned setting. Not only beautiful, amethyst is also believed to possess many healing properties, making this pendant a must-have.
JGDAME   $15.75
Amber Drop pendant
Decorated with a sterling silver filigreed binding at its top, this pendant prominently features an amber drop design which is accented beautifully in contrasts by the white metal.
JAMD           $10.50

Sodalite tumbled pendant
Celebrating for helping to soothe stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalance, tumbled sodalite makes for a beautiful pendant with vivid blue coloring and white, lightning like veins.
JTSOD   $4.75
Aventurine tumbled pendant
Said to help stimulate dreams, or otherwise find balance and strength of personality. Many wear it to ease anxiety and calm emotion.
JTAVE   $6.75
Jade tumbled pendant
Created using tumbled jade stones, these pendants are said to be a powerful source of magic and vitality and offers a lovely green color that almost seems to glow from within.

JTJAD   $ 4.75
Tumbled Amethyst pendant
Known for its rich purple coloring and numerous healing properties, including the ability to heal headaches, balance moods, and improve psychic abilities, a tumbled Amethyst was used to create this beautiful pendant.
JGTAM        $4.00
Wire Wrapped Amethyst Point
Beautiful within the simplicity of its design, this pendant is a faceted amethyst point wrapped in delicate silver-tone wire, allowing it to be strung upon your favorite cord or chain.
JWPAME  $4.75
Natural Crystal Quartz and Silver Pendant
Featuring a naturally faceted piece of quartz stone affixed to a silver bail, this pendant is makes for a great necklace and can be used within your energetic practice.
JGPSQ  $5.75
Blue Kyanite Pendant with Quartz Crystal
This pendant mingles the beauty of a translucent quartz crystal resting with the gentle blues of blue kyanite, creating a beautiful piece of jewelry out of natural crystal formations.
JBKQZ   $11.75