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FIT for a queen this set is of beautiful blue, white, black and silver stones. Woven like a beautiful web and complete with matching earrings.

LS3  $30
Empaths will find this Mirror Necklace of use when using to assist in blocking others emotions.

CP1  $20.00​​
Another beautiful chocker, this Victorian style set comes with matching earrings.

LS​​1  $45
This all natural stone set is another one of a kind item and it comes complete with the necklace and the earrings. The stones consist of Moss Agate, Jasper and Coral pieces.

LS​​5  $50
This gorgeous piece is a necklace that can be used as a wand on the go. A one of a kind piece that is made up of all natural stones. This piece is available but there is only ONE LEFT!

​​​LS8  ​​$45
Natural Stone necklace available with many different stones, including Tigers Eye. This beautiful necklace comes complete with a Gorgeous Owl.

EH 1  $30​​
This natural stone necklace is made especially for the butterfly lover.

EH 2 $30​​​​

This all natural stone necklace is made by hand out of Jasper, as well as other various stones. 

LS​​6  $50​​
This chocker is amazing and with the huge natural stone hanging from the center, you are sure to catch the eye of everyone. 
LS​​7 $40
Fit for a Dark Goddess, this three piece set comes with matching earrings and a bracelet to go with the one of a kind necklace

LS​​4 $50
Custom Item
Custom Item