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Triple Triquetra Wind Chime
Dangling upon a beaded chain, this musical chime displays three graceful triquetras that sway with the slightest breeze to set its small chiming bells to ringing.
FW431   $14.00
Triquetra Wind Chime 5"
This simple wind chime has been crafted of wrought iron to create the image of a triquetra, with two copper bells dangling from its bottom points.
FW024  $6.00
Cat and Pentagram Wall Plaque
Blending marvelous details with vines and Celtic knot work entangled around a Crescent Moon and a pentagram, within the center of which rests a black cat. It measures 7 1/2" in diameter.
Twilight to Starlight Wall Scroll 12" wide by 18" long (aprox.)
The Twilight to Starlight wall scroll is a beautiful piece of art, capturing the magical moment of transition when the sun dips beneath the horizon to leave the world bathed in twilight. 12" wide by 18" long (aprox.)
FS037    $24.00
Triple Moon Goddess Banner
Celebrate the ancient trinity of femininity with this banner, which boldly displays the maiden, mother, and crone symbolically beneath a triple moon.
FFB18   $​52.00
Pentagram, Triquetra, Solomon's Seal Wind Chime 5
This elegant wind chime features a dangling Pentagram, Triquetra, and hexagram symbol sometimes known as Solomon's seal, with copper bells dangling from each.
FW022  $ 12.00
Crescent Moon Wind Chime 24" long
Created out of hammered brass, this beautiful wind chime displays five crescent moons, mingled with tiny brass bells that ring musically with every stir of wind and motion.
FW501   $10.00
Sun, Moon, and Star Wind Chime
Crafted of wrought iron, this wind chime links together three icon images of a sun, a moon, and a star. Each features two copper bells that ring with a light, jingling music.
FW021  $9.00
Diana Statue
This lovely statue portrays Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. A goddess of light and virginal purity, she was a protector of women and a goddess of the woods. The entire statue measures 10 1/4" high and 6" wide.
SD854    $68.00
Elemental Goddess of Fire
This statue takes the form of the Goddess of Elemental Fire, clad in the flames that she represents, she holds blooms of flame up from her hands like torches; a beautiful representation of the elegance of this element.
SF830   $40.00
Dark Angel Resting on Moon
This lovely statue portrays a dark angel, cradled within the black curve of a crescent moon in a manner that speaks powerfully of feminine strength and grace.
SA2006   $36.00
Phoenix Statue
Celebrating the sacred Phoenix, an immortal bird of fire consumed and reborn within its own flame, this statue depicts the magnificent creature in the design of artist Tom Wood.
SP767    $50.00
Dionysus Statue
The Greek god of wine and plenty is shown here, raising grapes to his lips in indulgence and dragging a jug of wine behind him, heedless of how it spills. This statue stands approximately 10 3/4"high.
SD544     $60.00
Aphrodite statue
Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality is presented here as a classical statue, sculpted of cold cast resin and styled so as to appear to be bronze. The statue measures approximately 11 1/2" in height.
SA542    $60.00
Hera statue
Queen to Zeus and often appearing in Greek Legends and myths, Hera is a Goddess of women and Marriage. Place this elegant statue of her on your altar or in your home in worship and reverence. It measures approximately 9 1/2" tall.
SH852    $60.00
Greenman Door Knocker
This unique and lovely piece captures the traditional image and placement of the Greenman and brings him into your home as this ornamental door knocker.
FDG759      $22.00
(limited qty)​
LAMP Comes with wood base and electric cord UL approved for USA market 110V  All items are showing minor flaws: Corners, rims, tops, etc could be chipped, wood discolored! ECHSL   $50.00
Black Cat Wishing Box - Measures 5" Tall
A black cat wearing a conical witches hat sits atop a pile of spell books. The box contains a blank scroll tied with a red ribbon which can be used as part of wishing or petitioning work.

FB​290    $15.50