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Kids Workshop @ Ladi Em's  

Kids Workshop at Ladi Em's

Please enter your name and the name and age of all children you are registering. A confirmation will be emailed to you.
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Workshops at Ladi Em's is for all children under the age of 17 on the 2nd Saturday of the Month
This workshop is Free.
​​Register with Ladi Em's to make sure there is space available. If you do not register your child, you may still come, however there may not be a craft available for them to participate with. Craft kits are limited. This months Space limit is :12  (September 10th at 1 pm)

If you register and can not attend you agree to contact Ladi Em immediately so that someone else can have your space. Continuous "No Shows" will be refused for Registration. They may be able to attend the workshop, but a space will not be saved after 2 No Shows​. This is to make things fair for the community.