Ladi Em
Ladi Em is the owner of Ladi Em's Cauldron and has been a practicing witch since a child, but has been studying magick and practicing many paths since 1996. She has experience in many paths from Hoodoo and Voodoo, Egyptian, Sumerian, Wiccan, Otherkin, Reformed Druid, Luciferian, Vampyrian, Mirror Magick and all things spiritual and traditional witchcraft. She considers herself an Intuitive Practitioner not claiming any specific path.
She is a High Priestess and an Ordained Minister. Having conducted numerous weddings, hand fastings, rituals, dedications, binding ceremonies, cleansings and ​​so much more. ​

Ladi Em is the Tarot Reader for and has been a Tarot Reader since 1998 and has experience in other forms of divination, such as mirrors, scrying bowls, Intuitive Readings and Vampyre Readings.

Ladi Em obtained her certification as a Dr. of Metaphysics and is certified as a Spiritual Healer. She is a certified Spiritual Adviser and offers Spiritual Counseling, Mentoring and Guided Meditation. ​​​​She is also a 3rd Degree Ordained Reformed Druid. 

​Ladi Em is an instructor at Ladi Em's Cauldron and offers the following courses along with other specialized courses that are constructed by her personal students. 

Archangels in all Paths
Defensive Magick​
Divination Basics
Dream Interpretation
Introduction to Stones​
Mirror Magick - The Created Personal Practice of Ladi Em
Practicing in the Broom Closet
Wicca and Witchcraft​​​​​​​
Witch on the Go​

        and so many other topics.​​

To contact Ladi Em for scheduling of services or classes, please call 832-228-0819 or email at     ​​