Ladi Em's Blog

Still Waiting, but havent given up hope
I know that it has been a LONG time since the shop closed down for this move. I want to thank everyone for their patience. Some people have been more patient than others, however I completely understand as Patience, isnt really my super power either.
It has been a long year and a 5 months, yes it has been that long. I am still here and I am still working from home and selling items and working the website as well as the spell work and readings as usual. The store on the other hand is still in a limbo. Not because of anything in particular that is happening with Ladi Em's Cauldron. Business is still wonderful and I still anticipate the best reception for the new location as I did back in 2014.
So, whats the set back you ask? Let me explain whats going on so that everyone has a better understanding.
We are moving to Huntsville. There is a place there that is amazing and our property will have more than enough space to also be the home of the new store location.
Now, we can not officially move to the Huntsville property, until the house we have in Spring is SOLD. We are using the money from the sale to move to the new property. So until our house in Spring sells, we are stuck here in spring and I am unable to start the new location.

The sell of our home has taken ALOT longer than anticipated. As some of you know, there have been many close calls and we have had our ups, downs and irritations with this whole process.

I ask that you all please continue to be patient, and know that I appreciate you all waiting as I have. No one misses the store more than I do, TRUST ME.
Light for us, or do your magick to help the process along if you would like. Your assistance is always appreciated.

LOVE ~Ladi Em

2015 Is Flying By
2015 is flying by and it seems like even though I am working from home for the time being I am the busiest I have ever been. The store is coming around slowly and the move is all that is holding us up. For those of you disappointed that it isnt getting done fast enough, believe me you arent even close to feeling like I do. I get that the store is a place to hang out and be yourself, meeting new people and those you call family. It is sad to see that the Spring location is gone. They took my sign down for the construction and it broke my heart.
Just know that even though I understand that this is YOUR place too and you do miss it. I was there everyday and with everyone and alone sometimes. Trust me when I say NO ONE wants the new place open quicker than me.
I do appreciate all my customers, clients and friends standing by me and watching me through all this and damn you people keep me busy lol :) I love that I am more busy now working to keep your supplies available and spell work, tarot reading and the meet ups, more so now than when the shop was open.
The Huntsville location is still in progress. We are still working on selling our home here in Spring and the hopes is that we do so this summer and once the move happens, Ladi Em's will be reopening in Huntsville. Even if its in a garage while the store gets put together. We will have acres of land to practice, and hold ritual.
There is so much more in store for myself and the community once the store opens there, however for the time being I am working on the WOW delivery program (witch on wheels) as well as the school and youtube videos for everyone. I hope you enjoy all that I am working on and I thank you all for your support.

~Ladi Em

Second Half of the Year
So far this has been a huge year. It is unbelievable that the year is only half way done and I feel like it has flown by. The store is still going strong and we have had such a great year.
In May we did our second annual Witchstock and that was a success and this time NO RAIN!!!
We are moving forward on even more expansion and there are changes, positive ones, coming up in the next half of the year.
I have come out of my witch closet more. I was never really in the broom closet however I did keep a lot of my knowledge, ways and practices to myself. That has changed. I feel like since I have opened up to everyone about my ways I have grown even more. That I didn't know was possible.
I have created and launched my own personal line of merchandise. Ladi Em products are now available online as well as in the store.
The next few months I will be working on my online presence and fixing the website. I am happy with it, but really just want to make it better.
You should never settle for what you believe is the best because you may always be able to improve your own best.
Look forward to more time with everyone.

Blessings Light and Dark
~Ladi Em

New Page for a New Year
It has been a wild and crazy year for the store. I decided to delete the past blog page that had so many references to a time in the business that I only see now as a dark cloud. I wanted to start fresh and new and with all the light and good darkness that comes with being who I am, what the store is about and what we have in its future.

I am Ladi Em. I am the sole owner and visionary behind Ladi Em's Cauldron as well as Ladi Em's Coffin.

This has been a dream of mine since the late 90's and I am glad to see that time and patience has rewarded me. It took many years of study and practice of many paths and also the practice of living life magickally. Not just claiming to be magickal or a witch, I live being magickal. In doing so I have accepted myself for who I am and in 2012 I decided to go forward with my dream to make a place for everyone to feel welcome, safe and at home in a magickal place that would be their safe haven.

In the early part of the year I came up with the store concept and worked many hours to get a website up and running and then later a well run storefront. The website was launched officially in August 2012, and I found my store in November 2012. This business was originally under another name that I later changed due to it being owned by another store in Florida that was established in 1998. Out of respect for my fellow business owners I removed the old name and came up with something that was a better fit as to what my store had become. The store had changed from just a name to a place that belonged to me where all those like me could call home. I have spent over a year creating the perfect atmosphere and gathering wonderful instructors, mentors, service providers, and groups to gather. We have weekly meetups for all paths, lifestyles and interests. We come together despite differences to celebrate moon rituals, sabbats, and events for all paths, practicing tolerance and educating the community about working together. Classes are always available that are not only well taught by career teachers, and those who have had over 15 years experience in their offerings, but they are original and classes that you do not see anywhere else.
So for the new year what lays ahead. Well we are not only Ladi Em's Cauldron, but we are Ladi Em's Coffin. Customers and the community are moving towards the place just being referred to as Ladi Em's and I think that is fitting. This is my place. This is our place. I look forward to everything the new year has to offer.
I have had a crazy year that got me to this point. I am still here. Those who have tried to tarnish my good name have failed, because the truth can not be ignored. I am not here for my own personal gratification. I am here to make a place for the community to gather. A place to be yourself. A place to do good for others. I hope that you feel the energy that was put into this place everytime you come in to visit.

~Ladi Em