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Celtic Knot Scrying Mirror 8 x 8
Featuring Celtic Zoomorphic birds and copper colored Celtic knots framing the scrying mirror, this lovely ritual tool is the perfect piece for the Celtic Seer.

RSM100                ​$47.00
Large Black Stone Scrying Bowl
Fill this black marble scrying bowl with a shallow pool of water and gaze within to gain the same insights with the scrying methods used by Ancient Greeks and Nostradamus.
RSCR6                  $24.00
Medium Black Stone Scrying Bowl
Discover the art of scrying with this black stone scrying bowl. Simply fill it with water and gaze within in the same manner as the Ancient Greeks and Nostradamus.
RSCR4                 $11.00
Green Onyx Devotional bowl 3"
These delicate green onyx devotional bowls can suit any circumstance, and are elegant pieces functional for elegant dining wear even as they are intended to be used upon the altar as an elegant piece for offerings.
RBO3                  $12.00
Small Moss Agate Devotional Bowl
Made of moss agate crystal, these bowls are fantastic vessels for your ritual offerings with no two being alike.
RBMS                 $21.00

Beveled Edge Black Scrying Mirror 12" diameter     RSM201 
This beveled edge black scrying mirror is the perfect ritual tool for helping you in your rituals of divination and spirit invocations.                      $52.00

Concave Black Scrying Mirror 8 diameter                  RSM500
Only available for a limited time, this black scrying mirror is a powerful tool for divination and possesses the hard-to find, concave shape.  $48.00
Black Scrying Mirror 6"                                                 RSM700
Used in a wide range of traditions, this black scrying mirror is most commonly used within divination magic but is also sometimes used to see and communicate with spirits.                                                      $28.00