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Amber Resin Necklace
This small, beautifully sculpted
brass ornament contains 5 grams of amber resin, to create a delightful piece of jewelry that will leave you perfumed with the sweet scent of amber.
JAMB         $29.00
Twin Triskele Necklace
A symbol of unity and connection to all things, this pendant takes the form of two Celtic triskele knots woven together in an intricate pattern.
JC224   $13.00
Scarlet Bubble Rider Necklace
Portraying a scarlet fairy, floating upon a bubble as though it were drifting in the winds, this necklace is a beautiful piece from the designs of Amy Brown.
JF207    $14.00
Triquetra Heart Necklace
Plated with sterling silver, this pewter triquetra heart pendant features 16 glittering gems set around a triquetra center.
JN5778   $20.00
Magic Cross
This fantastic pendant combines two of the most famous and powerful symbols of faith and mystical power into one form.
JMP331   $47.00
Witches Charm
Associated with the Triple Goddess of the mother, Maiden, and Crone, the Witches Charm pendant portrays a Celtic triquetra - a three pointed not without beginning and without end.
JWIC     $16.00
Thor's Norse Hammer Pendant
Made out of silver plated pewter and decorated with Celtic Knotwork, this pendant does its best to resemble the Norse Hammers carried in faith in the days of old.
JTCEL    $8.00

Triquetra Clear Cubic Zurconium pendant
The Celtic Triquetra is beautifully brought to life in this sterling silver pendant, which accents the unending knot with clear, cubic zirconium pendants that sparkle within its surface.
JT435      $58.00

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant
Made of lacquered pewter, this lovely pendant is beautifully displays the Celtic Tree of Life; a beautiful symbol of the union of Heaven and Earth and all that exists.
JTJ131    $13.50

(limited qty)
QUARTZ HEART PENDANT 0.5" /1.75cm wide in a soft quartz color.
This is a handmade natural pendant. Each one is different in color, size and shape.
No chain or string!

ECQHP   $2.50
  (10 LEFT)