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​​​​ON SALE NOW...

Get a certificate for 5 readings for the LOW COST of $100. To be used within 2 months.
*These are for 30 minute readings normal price of $175 total. Discounted $75!!!!

Lai Em's Cauldron has two Spiritual Advisors/ Tarot Readers on hand. We offer either in-person readings to people in the North Houston and surrounding areas, or readings by phone or email. See below for more information on both.

Located at 1115 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring Texas we have Tarot Readers and Intuitive Readers as well as other types of readings available.
Readings are $45 for a 15 -30 minute readings. And $15 per 15 minutes there after.
Our readers are experienced.

Contact ​​​​​us during business hours for scheduling. Or come by for a card reading.


If you'd like to make an appointment for a card reading by phone, We'd love to work with you! Please give us a call to book your appointment at 832-228-0819. Our private card reading sessions are $45 for 30 minutes or $65 for one hour.



For your email reading,  will need your full name, your birth date, time and city, your detailed question(s) with any circumstances or background information you can share. If there are other people in your question, we will need their full names and dates of birth if you know it.
​We will then channel your energy to the cards. And email you your reading. It might not be the answer you are looking for, but it will always be the message you are meant to hear.

We offer two types of online email readings.

​​The first type of reading is a 1 Question Reading. We will ask you to give a very specific question that you would like answered. Your question may be about money, family, relationships, children, creativity, health, travel, career or life path, skills, love or anything else you'd like more information about.

If you'd like a more in-depth reading, We offer a Full Reading where you may ask 3 questions about any topic you'd like more information on in your life. Or, you can ask 3 questions about various topics. 

EMAIL Reading Fees:

1 Question Reading - $25.00

Full Reading - $45.00