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Abalone Rings
These abalone rings are wonderful aids in developing intuition and psychic ability, and possess qualities that aid in soothing emotions.
JRA481  $10.00
Slender Agate Rings 
This collection offers a wonderful array of the range of colors that agate may be found, usable for all manner of magical and healing practices.
JRA114  $ 6.00
6mm Rounded Agate Rings
Used throughout history, these agate rings are known for providing bravery, vitality and protection.
JRA115​   $7.00
Adjustable Snake Ring
A delightful piece of jewelry, this fanciful ring presents the image of a snake that coils and twists its way around your finger.
JRSA               $ 35.00
Tiny Pentagram Ring    $15.00
This delicate ring features a solid pentagram at its center, accented by a spiraling rope design that works down both sides of the band.

3mm Hematite Rings
Crafted of hematite, these rings are a powerful addition to spellwork, and are believed to aid in stabilizing thoughts, moods, and behavior.
JRH20A   $​5.00
6mm Rounded Hematite Rings
This  hematite ring has been put together to meet the needs of those who seek hematite for balance and protection as well as those who seek a ring that they can charge for their spellcraft.
JRH43A  $​7.00