Rune Sets
Our extensive collection of Runes provides you with a variety of Runes for whatever purpose you can imagine. We offer Norse, Elder Futhark and Witches runes on everything from bone and amethyst to quartz and glass, allowing you to cast your runes in divination or otherwise use them in your ritual magic.

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Clear and Colored Glass rune sets
Created out of glass and painted with gold Elder Futhark runes, these rune set is a great addition to any collection or a fine asset to any magical practitioner.      $13.00 ea
Smoky Quartz rune set
Hand carved, this 25 rune set portrays the Elder Futhark on smoky quartz in gold lettering, resulting in an exquisite aid for your divination and other such ritual magic.
RRSMO   $35.00      $28.00
Moonstone Rune Set
This handcrafted rune set offers you 25 rune stones shaped from moonstone, carved, and painted with the 24 Elder Futhark runes, leaving one rune stone blank for use within your divination.
RRMOO      $27.00       $24.00
7 Chakra Rune Set
The 7 Chakra Rune set presents the traditional 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and a single blank rune, all a carved into seven different precious stones, each representing one of the seven chakras.
Bloodstone Rune Set
Carved from polished bloodstone, this handcrafted rune set beautifully displays the 25 stones displaying the Elder Futhark and one blank stone, accented with gold lettering, for your divination and magic.
RRBLO   $25.00      $23.00
Apple Wood Rune Set
This elder Futhark, apple wood rune set an ideal divination set for anyone seeking understanding and answers about love and femininity, and just about any other problem or enigma that might plague you.


$12.00 ea