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Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle (deck and book) by Toni Carmine Salerno
Offering guidance and helping to clarify specific issues in your life, the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Cards and the instructional book they come with is intended to aid you in finding the spiritual advice you need.
DANGGOD            $20.00
Celtic Mini Tarot Deck
With classical Celtic images, this mini Tarot deck will help you interpret the world in much the way the ancient Celts did.
DCELMIN            $12.00
Pagan Mini Tarot by Pace, Gina
A valuable tool for the pagan on the go, this miniature version of the Pagan Tarot, often called the Pagan Mini blends traditional Wiccan and Pagan symbolism with modern lifestyles.
DPAGMIN            $12.00
Enchanted Oracle deck and book by Barbara Moore and Jessica Galbreth
Featuring the beautiful artwork of Jessica Galbreth and the writing of Barbara Moore, the Enchanted Oracle is a powerful Tarot for anyone with a kinship to the faerie folk, and is easy to use with an insightful instruction book.
DENCORA    $28.00
Witchy tarot deck by Tuan and Platano
Modern life and ancient practices are blended in harmony to create powerful symbolism to aid you in your divination; all within the Witchy Tarot Deck.
DWITTAR1     $20.00
Shadowscape tarot deck
Weaving Asian, Celtic, and fantasy artistic styles, the Shadowscapes Tarot is a Rider-Waite-Smith based tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is filled with universal symbols from fairy tales, myth and folklore from around the world.
DSHATARS        $20.00
Dragon Tarot by Donaldson/ Pracownik
Capture the perceptive powers of the dragon, with the richly illustrated Dragon Tarot, which will help you explore and understand the fantastic
DDRAGON0TA     $18.00
Faerie tarot deck by Nathalie Hertz
A fresh interpretation of the traditional tarot, the Faerie Tarot features whimsical, vibrant art filled with Faeries, and brings the Major and Minor arcane to new life.
DFAETAR    $22.00
Celestial tarot deck by Steventon/ Clark
A handbook of the heavens, the Celestial Tarot blends myths, symbols, astronomy, and more with the tarot to create a powerful system of divination.
DCELTAR1        $23.00
Tarot of a Moon Garden by Sweikhardt, Karen Marie
Tarot of the Moon Garden helps create a mystical world with traditional tarot symbolism, elemental magic, phases of lunar energy, and mythic expression to aid seeker and seer alike.
DMOOGAR0TA     $19.00
Cat People tarot deck by Kuykendall, Karen
The Cat People Tarot deck is a powerful blend of symbolism and the imagery of science fiction and fantasy, using elaborate design and cats to enhance the symbolism of each card DCATPEO0TA      $19.00

Golden Tarot deck and book by Kat Black
Created entirely using less well known artwork from the middle ages and early renaissance, and even edging the cards in gilded gold, The Golden Tarot brings the inspiration of history into your divination and Tarot readings.

Sacred Circle (deck & book) by Franklin/ Mason
Combining photographs, computer imagery, and traditional techniques, the images of the Sacred Circle Tarot draws from the Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland to unlock deep levels of pagan teaching.
DSACCIR    $31.00    

Fantastical Creatures Tarot by Conway, D J
From D.J. Conway, the Fantastical Creatures Tarot uses mythology, folklore and legend to bring answers and understanding into your life.
DFANCRE  $20.00
Herbal Tarot by Tierra/ Cantin
Blending the healing properties of traditional herbs with the symbolism of the Tarot, the Herbal Tarot is comfortable to use and a wonderful tool for nature-oriented Tarot readers.
DHERTAR1   $19.00
Ask an Angel deck by Salerno/ Mellado
Find answers to your questions from the Angels with the 42 cards of the Ask an Angel oracle deck and the included 124-page guidebook.
DASKANG    $20.00