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Clay and Crystal Chakra Wand Pendant MINI        WCHA       $13.00

SMALL    RWCS       $16.00

​Large       RWCL       $35.00​

Rustic Willow Wand
Commonly associated with mysticism and magic, this willow wand is of great use in spells intended to guard against evil, conjure spirits, offer healing, or otherwise work love spells. It measures approximately 13"-16" in length.
RWRW13   $27.00
Clay Crystal Wand
Created out of handcrafted, fired clay and reclaimed wood, each of these wands is decorated with various tumbled stones, tiny animal sculptures, and crystal points. Each measures approximately 6" - 7" in length.
RWBC  $16.00​
Copper Healing Wand
This beautiful, hand-crafted copper wand has a crystal ball on one end and a clear, crystal point on the other to help transfer healing energy.
RWCOP    $34.00​

Willow Wand
This Willow wand uses the wood of the willow tree; a wand associated with mysticism and magic for ages. Use it to help in spells guarding against evil, love spells, healing, or in help in the conjuration of spirits. It measures approximately 16" in length and 1/2" to 1" wide.
RWPWI14   $42.00
Rustic Maple Wand
Known as a tree of enchantment and romance, the Maple has been used to create this fantastic wand. Use it to generate abundance, stir the imagination, cast blessings, and otherwise work love spells. It measures approximately 13"-16" in length.
RWRM13      $27.00
Ebony Wand
Carved by hand, each of these solid ebony wands is a powerful addition to ritual magic, helping to direct magic for protection and amplify your magical energies. It Averages 14" in length,
RWPE14   $42.00
Oak Wand 14"
Long held sacred by a variety of cultures throughout the world, oak is the perfect material for a magical wand, and can be used to help empower your magic. It is approximately 15" in length.
RWPOA14     $42.00
Rosewood Wand
This beautiful 16" in wand crafted of Rosewood offers aid in increasing the potency of earth-related spells and magic, especially when the spell involves the woodlands, or the energies of the forest.
RWPR14     $42.00
Pagan Ash Wand
The Pagan Ash wand is believed to possess numerous mystical properties, and is particularly useful in spells of protection and healing. Lore holds that it is most useful against other sorcerers and conjurers. It measures 16" in length and 1/2" to 1 1/4" in width.
RWPAS14 ​  $42.00


Large Magic Wand
These wooded magic wands have been carved for use within your spellcraft, with no two being exactly alike, approximately 15" long.
RWRW15            $11.50
Rustic Ash Wand
Said to possess numerous mystical properties, this Ash wand is often said to be a potent representation of the world tree, and is valued in spells of protection and healing. It Measures 13"-16" in length and 1/2" to 1 1/4" in width
RWRA13         $27.00